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401 Video fire monitor motherboard LSH-4K/8J only
402 Video fire monitor keyboard control panel LSH-XPE only
403 Video host power board LSH-XPE only
404 Video host power board LSH-4K/8J only
405 Video fire display LSH-XPE only
406 HDD Enclosure LSH-XPE only
407 Video host door lock lever LSH-YP-ZC Each
408 Video host lock Each
409 Vehicle-mounted monitoring device of locomotive running part Put
410 JK00430 host JK00430-EDS V2.5 set
411 JK00430 auxiliary machine JK00430-HC station
412 Piezo composite sensor JK00430-AST station
413 Digital temperature sensor JKYD12/22-HS only
414 Ambient temperature plug JKIC12-W only
415 Junction Box DF8B Each
416 Data downloader J1-J7 Each
417 TAX plug-in board 32M Each
418 Sensor adapter TAX2或ZXB-1 Piece
419 Sensor adapter 5m以内 root
420 Sensor adapter 5m-10m(含5m) root
421 Bus and other lines 10m以上(含10m) root
422 Bus and other lines 5m以内 root
423 Bus and other lines 5m-10m(含5m) root
424 Master-slave connection 10m以上(含10m) root
425 Master-slave connection 5m以内 root
426 Master-slave connection 5m-10m(含5m) root
427 Box seat assembly (host mounting bracket) 10m以上(含10m) root
428 Auxiliary machine bracket (auxiliary machine mounting bracket) JK00430-1-5-0 Pieces
429 Mounting plate assembly (junction box mounting plate) JK00430-3-1 Pieces
430 Sensor welding seat JK00430-4-5-0A Piece
431 Sensor triangle welding seat JK12-Y-ZH-1 Pieces
432 π-type bracket JK00430-T1-E-100 Pieces
433 M12 special reamer (trowel) D430B-1 Each
434 Trowel head 专用工具 Pieces
435 Host mask DF8B Put
436 Offset mask JK00430 Put
437 fan JK00430 Zhang
438 power switch button JK00430 Zhang
439 buzzer JK00430 Each
440 Electronic disk JK00430 Each
441 Motherboard battery JK00430 Each
442 Host chassis JK00430 sheet
443 Auxiliary machine case JK00430 Each
444 cable JK00430 station
445 S71 cable ZS565-120A-000 Each
446 s72 cable JK00430 root
447 s73 cable JK00430 root
448 j71 cable JK00430 root
449 j72 cable JK00430 root
450 Video extension cable JK00430 root
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