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451 D / A conversion box cable LSH-XPE root
452 Electrical signal cable 含X1/X2长10米 root
453 Signal cables between machines LSH-DL-DQJ set
454 Video fireproof car cable LSH-DL-JXJ set
455 Video fireproof car cable DF4D set
456 Video fireproof car cable DF8B set
457 Speed sensor onboard cable DF10D set
458 Speed sensor onboard cable (X2) CS.JH-8 root
459 Speed sensor onboard cable (X3) DF16 root
460 Speed sensor onboard cable DF16 root
461 Speed sensor onboard cable 适用于TQG9型 root
462 Speed sensor onboard cable SCX-15B group
463 Signal cable for cab in terminal Ⅰ SCX-15D group
464 Signal cable for cab in terminal Ⅱ LSH-I-DL-SJS set
465 Speed sensor onboard cable LSH-II-DL-SJS set
466 Photoelectric speed sensor cable DF16 root
467 Smart wheel spray plug-in loading cable DF-16 Each
468 Video fire road extension cable ZXLP-II set
469 Photoelectric speed sensor boarding cable LSH-XPE root
470 Locomotive Dual Needle Speedometer Header Cable 每套含3、4轴各1根 root
471 Video Fire Monitor I Room VGA Cable DF16 root
472 Photoelectric speed sensor sheathed cable LSH-XPE root
473 Video Fire Monitor II Room VGA Cable DF-16(4通道) root
474 Speed sensor onboard cable (25m) LSH-XPE root
475 Speed sensor onboard cable (10m) DF16 root
476 220V power cord DF16 root
477 TAX box power cord ZS635.1-400-002 root
478 Video host wiring X8 root
479 DF8B meter connector cable LSH-XPE set
480 D / A converter box connection 232串口 root
481 Video host power cable set
482 Digital to analog conversion box communication line LSH-XPE root
483 Digital to analog conversion box power cord X2 root
484 Instrument module speedometer connection line X1 root
485 Universal screen display junction box and wiring DF16 root
486 Reamer DF8B set
487 Smoke sensor Φ35 Each
488 Current Transformer JTY-LZ-1412 Each
489 Composite sensor LMZJ-0.5T Each
490 Composite sensor 0.6M root
491 Video splitter 1.2M root
492 Flame sensor LSH-XPE Each
493 Screen display LSH-HY-CGQ only
494 Photoelectric speed sensor ZS387-300-000 station
495 Photoelectric speed sensor DF16(2通道) Each
496 Smoke alarm sensor DF16(4通道) Each
497 TAKEX flame sensor LSH-YC-CQ-GQ only
498 Magnetic frequency speed sensor FS-2000E Each
499 Magnetic frequency speed sensor 310 Each
500 Fire detector smoke tester ZN310 Each
501 Four-channel photoelectric speed sensor ABS-Y02 station
502 Photoelectric speed sensor flexible connector TQG15D(14/120) station
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