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351 Double needle electric thermometer YS-3 150V/+_100A Piece
352 Double pin current and voltmeter YS-3  150℃  110V Piece
353 Double pin voltage ammeter YS-3  8KA  24V Piece
354 Mechanical locomotive tachometer  150V 24V Piece
355 Dual-needle electric temperature and pressure gauge LZ-807 Piece
356 Dual pin DC voltage ammeter YS-3-2/150℃/110V Piece
357 Dual pin DC voltage ammeter YS-3/1000V/1000A Piece
358 Dual pin DC voltage ammeter YS-3/1000V/8000A Piece
359 Table front cover assembly YS-3-2/150V/100V Piece
360 Table front cover assembly YDS2 Each
361 Voltmeter YS-3 Each
362 Electric tachometer YDC-1 0-150V Piece
363 Digital pressure gauge 1500r 110V Piece
364 Digital pressure gauge SS4G 9脚  110V Piece
365 WTN602 thermometer TXY4-10 Piece
366 Shockproof pressure gauge 0-100℃ Piece
367 Shockproof pressure gauge YWN-60Z Piece
368 Shockproof pressure gauge YWN-60Z 0-0.6KPa Piece
369 Digital pressure gauge module YWN-60Z 0-1.0KPa Piece
370 Pressure gauge case DC323 Piece
371 Motherboard Y60 Each
372 Host power LSH-2D-ZJ-ZB Piece
373 Hard drive line LSH-2D-ZJ-DY Piece
374 Main box shock absorption pad LSH-2D-YPX root
375 switch LSH-JZQ only
376 Power cable LSH-ZJ-KG only
377 Ⅰ display cable LSH-DL-DY set
378 Ⅱ display cable LSH-I-XS-VGA set
379 Host bracket LSH-II-XS-VGA set
380 Monitor Stand LSH-ZJ-ZJ Pieces
381 Road support LSH-XSQ-ZJ Pieces
382 Camera bracket LSH-LK-ZJ Pieces
383 Video unit LSH-SJS-ZJ Pieces
384 Storage unit LSH-3D-SPDY Pieces
385 Wireless remote transmission unit LSH-3D-CCDY Pieces
386 Main control board LSH-3D-YCSY Pieces
387 control unit LSH-3D-ZKB Pieces
388 Host power LSH-3D-KZDY Pieces
389 Host socket board LSH-3D-ZJDY Pieces
390 Hard drive data cable LSH-3D-ZUCZ Pieces
391 USB interface control line LSH-3D-YPX root
392 12V, six-core power cord LSH-3D-USB-KZX root
393 Motherboard power cord LSH-3D-DYX-6 article
394 COM3 port communication cable LSH-3D-ZB-DYX article
395 Smoke and flame sensor fixing plate LSH-3D-TXDL-COM3 article
396 ATX (12V / 5V) power cord LSH-YW/HY-GDB only
397 Video fire display buzzer LSH-4K/8J article
398 Video fire host splitter cable LSH-4K/8J only
399 Video fire test cable LSH-4K/8J article
400 Video fire host motherboard battery LSH-4K/8J article
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