Provide 100% oil-free compressed air
  • Provide 100% oil-free compressed air
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Provide 100% oil-free compressed air


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1. Provide 100% oil-free compressed air

1. 100% oil-free compressed air: The gas system and oil system of centrifugal air compressor are completely independent working systems, and the two systems are separated by efficient oil/gas sealing system, thus ensuring the "zero oil content" of the gas outlet. It fully meets the quality of compressed gas required by customers.

2. Through TV certification zero-grade oil-free standard: Our oil-free compressor has passed the most rigorous test at present, and tested all possible forms of oil under various temperatures and pressures. Even so, no oil trace has been found in the exhausted air, which means that the performance of our compressor not only meets and surpasses the most stringent standard of TV.

2. Titanium alloy impeller has the best unit efficiency with core technology

1. Advanced titanium alloy impeller design, optimal unit efficiency and wider control range: We adopt three-dimensional flow backward-bending impeller design and choose aeronautical titanium alloy impeller. Although the cost of components is increased, because the density of titanium alloy is only half of stainless steel, the weight of components is greatly reduced, the moment of inertia is reduced, and the mechanical loss is reduced. Moreover, titanium alloy has the characteristics of high strength, high heat resistance, good corrosion resistance, good low temperature performance and low thermal conductivity elasticity, which make the unit more adaptable to various complex working conditions.

2. Customized units, optimal dynamic design, most efficient components and systems: Centrifugal compressor belongs to customized products (industrial 4.0 manufacturing concept, belongs to high-end equipment), mainly considering the optimization of operating efficiency, in the face of different customer parameters (compressed air pressure level, compressed air volume per unit time, power), the core aerodynamic design changes accordingly; Machinery's own data model, systematic pneumatic design ability and strong mechanical design ability cooperate to maintain 10 years'lead time with domestic counterparts.

3. Modular design to facilitate transportation, installation and maintenance

Unique modular design, the main compressor, cooler, fuel tank, motor, control cabinet is designed as a separate module. It has the characteristics of convenient transportation, installation and maintenance.

1. Convenient transportation: Each module can be transported and installed separately, which greatly reduces the size and weight of transportation and installation.

2. Easy installation: Each module can be assembled in the shortest time after it is transported to the customer site.

4. Replacing piston machine and oil-free screw machine with one-to-many substitution can save energy up to 20%-50%.

1. Scale energy saving: centrifugal compressor has absolute advantages over screw compressor when the flow rate is more than 85m_/min. Whether in terms of the first purchase price, or in terms of energy efficiency. One large centrifuge can replace many small screw machines to save energy.

2. Customized energy-saving: Centrifugal compressor can be customized arbitrarily within the range of pressure 0.6-16 bar and flow 20-1500m_/min.

3. Electricity savings in operation: 20-50% less than the running cost of ordinary screw machines.

4. Cost advantage of maintenance and maintenance: Centrifugal oil-free air compressor can be used for 20 years, with fewer vulnerable parts and only need regular maintenance. The screw machine needs to be overhauled every five years. The cost of replacing the head alone accounts for about 40% of the cost of new machine purchase.

5. Compared with European and American brands, Quanwei Machinery has higher performance and price, faster and better service.

1. Purchasing cost savings: Quanwei Machinery is a centrifugal air compressor developed independently based on American know-how technology. Under the same performance, the purchasing cost is 30% lower than that of a European and American brand abroad. It has a higher performance-price ratio and can help you save a lot of purchasing cost.
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