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Natural Gas Compressor


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1: Natural gas, as an important modern energy source, is widely used in various fields. For different gas sources, different application methods are adopted.

Casing gas recovery compressor

2: Casing gas is the natural gas in the casing when oil is produced in production wells. If the pressure is high, it will affect oil production. Originally, it was directly emptied. First, it pollutes the environment and second, it wastes energy. So compressor is now used to boost back.

Harvesting is not only conducive to oil production and environmental protection, but also a good measure to maximize economic benefits. The main components of the gases are methane, ethane, carbon 3 and carbon 4. Hydrogen sulfide and water are mixed in the gases, and the components are relatively miscellaneous. Before entering the compressor, it is generally necessary to purify and remove impurities and liquid free water. Then according to the different needs of users to increase to different levels of pressure.
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