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S01-1157-01N Sealing ring S01-1157-01N
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AY11790 AY11498-1225-RH Screw earring AY11790 (AY11498-1225-RH) right TOP DRIVE 8035Е-500
AY11790 1018-250-4713A Coupling screw AY11790 (1018-250-4713А) adjusting (right/left) TOP DRIVE 8035Е-500
AY11790 AY11498-1225-LH-S Screw earring AY11790 (AY11498-1225-LH-S) left TOP DRIVE 8035Е-500
N10185 Gauge N10185 (0-300 psi) Canrig
H02-1003-030 Hydraulic motor H02-1003-030
AY11493 Mud pipe AY11493 DT12213 Canrig
DT11361 Ring DT11361 with slot
602-40-0 Gasket motor/reducer 602-40-0 Canrig
H02-1004-010 Hydraulic motor Н02-1004-010 Canrig
H10-1000-010 Accumulator H10-1000-010
AY10075 H22-1000-010 Test terminal AY10075 (Н22-1000-010)
S01-1254-01N Sealing ring S01-1254-01N
S01-1266-01N O-ring S01-1266-01N
S05-1009-010 Oil seal S05-1009-010
S01-1157-01N Sealing ring S01-1157-01N
S05-1010-010 Oil seal S05-1010-010
S01-1159-01N Sealing ring S01-1159-01N
AY10026 S08-1031-010 AY 10026 torque booster reducer oil seal (S08-1031-010), set
S01-1250-01N O-ring 6 1/4x6 1/2"x1/8 S01-1259-01N Canrig
602-40-0 Gasket motor/reducer 602-40-0 Canrig
S01-1038-01V Sealing ring S01-1038-01V
S01-1229-01N Sealing ring S01-1229-01N
S01-1271-01N Sealing ring S01-1271-01N
H11-1000-030 High pressure filter element 12µr H11-1000-030 Canrig
683-14-0 Plunger 683-14-0
M01-1035-010 Needle roller bearing М01-1035-010 Canrig
M11-1023-010 M11-1023-010 locking ring, internal
M11-1028-010 M11-1028-010 retaining ring, external
S01-1273-01N O-ring, rubber S01-1273-01N Canrig
682-27-0 Ring 682-27-0 lock
H15-520120-04-04 Adapter H15-520120-04-04 Canrig
461LT-4 High pressure hose 461LT-4 (6160 psi) Parker
1J946-4-4 Short fitting 90° 1/4" 1J946-4-4 Parker
1JC46-4-4 Straight fitting 1/4" 1JC46-4-4 Parker
Fitting 1/2" 45° 1 J7 46-8-8
11 J5 Fitting 1/2" 90° medium length 1 J5 46-8-8
High pressure hoses 461LT-8 (4495 psi)
High pressure hoses 461LT-12 (4060 psi)
1JC46-12-12 Straight fitting 3/4" 1JC46-12-12 Parker
1JC46-8-8 Straight fitting 1/2" 1JC46-8-8 Parker
1J146-8-8A Fitting 1/2" 90° long 1 J1 46-8-8A
М18-1001-010 Bell-forming body М18-1001-010 Canrig
Н13-1002-010 Breather H13-1002-010 Canrig
AY10011 Clamp Cylinder AY10011 Canrig
AY12546 Finger assembly AY12546 Canrig
М10004 Cotter pin М10004 Canrig
М14-1018-010 Spring М14-1018-010 Canrig
DT12150 DT12150 Canrig torque booster cover gasket
H11-1003-010 Low pressure filter H11-1003-010 Canrig
588-27-0 Lock pin 588-27-0 Canrig
588-26-0 Lock pin 588-26-0 Canrig
Repair kit for ball valve with manual control (Russian) At KShZ-152-N.00.000 SB
Ball valve KSHF Du-80x35 GOST 28908-91
Locking ball valve KShZ-152x35-V.00.000 Zavod "ASA" LLC
Screw with a cylindrical head and a hexagonal recess under the key
DT10681 Bearing cap DT10681 Canrig
M10058 Ball bearing M10058 for lower control valve actuator
841-12-0 Regulator 841-12-0 Canrig
841-13-0 Regulator 841-13-0 Canrig
AY10861-X N01-1013-010 Differential pressure gauge for lubrication system AY10861-X (N01-1013-010)
H06-1018-010 Bypass valve H06-1018-010 Canrig
Н10057 Valve H10057 control
M10604 Pushbutton valve M10604 Canrig
M01-1023-010 Roller bearing M01-1023-010 Canrig
S05-1003-010 Oil seal S05-1003-010
AY13257 H10133 Balance valve cartridge AY13257 (H10133) Canrig
S01-1345-01N O-ring S01-1345-01N
H10117 Pressure control valve, cassette H10117
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