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Power Board EK-819SV-00a 5
Call amplifier board EL-T631-01A 3
Throttle motor control board EL-T5311-00B 5
Lifting control board for tamping device EK-1AP11-00A 1
Lane analog control board EK-2140LV-00 1
5V power board EK-805SV-00D 1
Tamping car control motherboard EK-650PX-00 1
Front-end analog input board EK-2433LV-00 1
Lifting control board for tamping device EK-1AP4-00B 3
Lifting hook control board EK-120V-00 1
Vibration frequency control board EK-2682LV-00 2
40-channel analog measurement board EK-28V-00 3
40-channel data serial board EK-432DV-00 2
40-channel data serial receiving board EK-433DV-00 1
Power output board EL-T5534-00 3
Relay power amplifier board WDREL ZS107B-01-44-00 2
ZF5 & 0.9 second delay control board ZS107B-05-10-00A 1
Programmable input and output board EK-553P-00 3
12V power plug EK-812SV-00C 2
Super high preset and settlement compensation board EK-2042LV-00A 1
Programmable motherboard EK-502P-00 1
Programmable timing board EK-552P-00 3
Front-end analog signal output board EK-2039LV-00 3
Channel overpressure control board EK-290LV-00 6
Work trolley running control panel EK-2.61V4-00 1
Watchdog circuit board EL-T5533-00 3
Throttle motor control board EL-T5311-00C 4
Track board EK-349LV 5
Program-controlled power amplifier output board EK-554P-00 10
Laser receiving board EK-104V-00 2
Distance adjustment control board EK-110V-00 1
Tamping lifting control board EK-16V-00 6
Tamping head control board EK-176V-00 3
Lane analog control board EK-2106LV-00 7
Job drive control board EK-319LV-00 1
Electronic pendulum control board EK-346LV-00 1
GVA486 power board EL-T5083-00 1
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