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Hydraulic winch parts
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Hydraulic winch parts            Hydraulic winch reducer is a common power transmission mechanism, which is used in various mechanical transmission systems.            1. When the reducer is installed, special attention should be paid to the alignment of the transmission center axis. The alignment error should not exceed the compensation amount of the coupling used in the reducer. After the gear reducer is aligned according to the requirements, it can obtain more ideal transmission effect and longer service life.            2. When installing the transmission parts on the output shaft of the reducer, attention must be paid to the softness of operation. It is forbidden to use the tools such as hammer to install roughly. It is better to install the transmission parts by using the assembly fixture and the internal thread of the end shaft, so as to press the transmission parts into the reducer with the force of the bolt, so as to protect the internal parts of the reducer from damage. .            3. Hydraulic winch reducer adopts various types of coupling, but it is better not to use steel fixed coupling, which is difficult to install. Once installed improperly, it will increase the load, easily cause bearing damage, and even cause the fracture of the output shaft.            4. The fixing of hydraulic winch reducer is very important. To ensure stability and firmness, generally speaking, we should install the reducer on a horizontal foundation or base. At the same time, the oil in the drainage tank should be removed, and the cooling air circulation should be smooth. If the gear reducer is not fixed properly and the foundation is unreliable, it will cause some phenomena such as vibration and so on, which will also cause unnecessary damage to bearings and gears.            5. When necessary, protective devices should be installed on the transmission connectors of hydraulic winch reducer, such as protrusions on the connectors or gears or sprockets. If the radial load of the output bearing is large, the reinforced type should also be used.            6. The installation position of reducer should ensure the operation of staff, including easy access to cursor, ventilation plug and oil discharge plug. After the installation of the reducer is completed, the inspectors should check the accuracy of the installation position in order to determine the reliability of each fastener.            7. Hydraulic winch reducer should be ready for operation before running. The vent plug of oil pool should be removed and replaced with vent plug. The oil level plug screw should be opened to check the oil line height. The oil level plug screw should be added to exceed the oil level plug screw to overflow the hole. Then the oil level plug can be screwed up and the test run can be started.            8. The test run time of the reducer should not be less than two hours. The standard of normal operation is smooth operation, no vibration, no noise, no leakage and no impact. If abnormal conditions occur, they should be eliminated in time.
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