HC-5W1S1D Temperature and humidity monitor
  • HC-5W1S1D Temperature and humidity monitor
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HC-5W1S1D Temperature and humidity monitor


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HC-5W1S1D Temperature and humidity monitor
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Temperature and humidity monitor HC-5W1S1D
02-MP-01-0977 LINER GASKET SIZE 6-1/2" G-692(G-2975)
02-MP-01-1229 LINER SIZE 6-1/4" 201PZJ456(6411-63G)
02-MP-01-1525 VALVE ASSEMBLY 201PZL482A(MV-471)
02-MP-01-0977 LINER GASKET SIZE 6-1/2" G-692(G-2975)
02-MP-01-0711 PISTON ASSY SIZE 6-1/2" 201TBL045A(65L-15G)
02-MP-01-1525 VALVE ASSEMBLY 201PZL482A(MV-471)
Hydraulic pump G2020W-6F17B17B-21B61
Hydraulic pump D45R-1C
Oil Pump CB-B10
Hydraulic Box, Suction QF36001-05.01B.01X
Hydraulic Box, Discharge QF36001-05.01B.01L
Valve assembly QF36001-05.12A.00
Liner d150 QF36001-05.23A.00
Liner d170 QF36001-05.23A.00
Piston d150 QF36001-05.28.00
Piston d170 QF36001-05.28.00
Valve Cover QF36001-05.14A
Valve Cover Seal QF36001-05.13
Seal, Cylinder Liner QF36001-05.15
O-Ring QF36001-05.08L
Piston Seal QF33001-05.20A
Wear Plate QF36001-05.16A
Seal, Cylinder Head QF36001-05.08
Valve Guide, upper QF33001-05.12
Lower Guide QF36001-05A.05.00
Cylinder Head QF36001-05A.06.00
Regulating Ring QF36001-05A.07
Nut, Rod T57-3005.00
Clamp, Piston Rod QF36001-05.24.00
Dual Seal 5"х6,25"х0,625" QF36001-04.08A
Semi-Rod QF36001-04.11
Crosshead QF36001-04.01A
Regulating Gasket QF36001-04.04
Crosshead Bearing QF36001-04.19
Diaphragm, suction QF33001-05.35A.02
Needle Valve J24H-320
Pressure Gauge Y-60 1/4NRT 10MPa
Veckel 75 N4.50.28
Seat dismounting Device QF36001-17.15.00B
Liner Lifting Device QF36001-17.03.00
Manual Hydraulic Pump SYB-3 70 mPa
Valve Seat removal device QF36001-17.24
Flange Compensator, rubber DN250 PN10 NBR
Oil Pump, 2-section for QF-1300/1600 Mud Pump
Air Clutch LT600х125
Hydraulic Box QF36001-05.01A.00
Guide Liner (steel), 5" 551-112-M03-80 Bimetallic cylinder liner 5"
Liner 7" 551-112-М03-70 Bimetal cylinder liner 7"
Hydraulic Valve 2A18192 Safety valve 2" 1502F oil union connection
Swivel 2A17139 Rotary joint (movable elbow) 50 type 1800
Cylinder Liner 160mm 92.9x95.9x160mm
Cylinder liner 170mm
Cylinder liner 180mm 30X8X8 cm
Seal Mechanical H22451-1A mechanical seal
Gear Shaft assy. AH1601010200
Cranckshaft assy. AH1601010100
Bolt М12х35 GB5782-86
Pin 2"х2"х11-3/8" AH1301010301
Bolt, Main Bearing Case AH1301010215

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