IMK-1 Explosion-proof Microphone (goosenneck)
  • IMK-1 Explosion-proof Microphone (goosenneck)
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IMK-1 Explosion-proof Microphone (goosenneck)


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I. Main performance indicators:

1. Conditions of Use:
a. Ambient temperature: -40 ℃ ~ 55 ℃
b. Relative humidity: ≤95%
c. Atmospheric pressure: 86KPa ~ 106KPa
d. Explosive gas mixtures in the temperature class Ⅱ B class T5
2. The main technical parameters:
a. Power supply voltage: DC10V
b. Current: 0.2mA
c. Explosion-proof mark: ExibⅡBT5
d. Working frequency: 100 ~ 6500Hz
e. Overall dimensions: 180 × 80 × 550

f. Weight: 0.8Kg

Product working principle
       The microphone is used in conjunction with a selection switch and a call switch
The gooseneck microphone turns the voice into an electrical signal and sends it to the adapter for amplification.
1. switch
This switch has three selections, two-story table, full call, and rig table. Select the other party to call according to your needs.
3. Call switch
Press the call switch and speak to Mike. The other party can hear your voice. Release the switch and listen to the other party's answer.
 Product use and operation
      1. Callee selection
         There is a selection switch on the panel, which corresponds to the three options of second floor, full call, and rig. If you need to talk to anyone, turn the switch to that position.
      2. Call to call
         There is a call button on the panel. Press the button to speak to Mike, the other party can hear your voice, release the button, listen to the other party's answer, and you can hear the other party's answer from the speaker.
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