SK-3Q05 Chromatograph
  • SK-3Q05 Chromatograph
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SK-3Q05 Chromatograph


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SK-3Q05 Chromatograph

SK-3Q05 hydrogen flame chromatograph expands the hydrocarbon component analysis object of traditional logging gas measurement to nC8, which can realize C1-C8 hydrocarbon component online analysis in 120 seconds, greatly improves the hydrocarbon component analysis ability of field chromatography, and further solves the difficult problems of interpretation and evaluation of reservoir water immersion, water washing and water flooding degree. It provides a reliable and sufficient basis and enriches the means of in-situ evaluation of reservoir hydrocarbon hydrolysis. The instrument adopts the intelligent design of electronic pressure control (EPC), which improves the control accuracy and reliability of the instrument, and realizes the intelligent switching of the detection air circuit.

Accurate determination of C1-nC8 is guaranteed by whole system design and exclusive component separation method.

Large screen LCD, touch screen operation

Adopting various communication modes, fully compatible with existing chromatograph

From the analysis object to nC8, 16 parameters including total hydrocarbons, benzene, toluene and so on can be provided online, and more gas measurement parameters can be extended to nC10 interpretation.

The interpretation and evaluation of oil, gas and water layers provide more sufficient basis.

Provide routine C1-nC5 30s rapid analysis function

Analysis period: separation of C1-nC8 (including benzene, toluene and naphthenes) for 120 seconds and separation of C1-nC5 for 30 seconds

Separation efficiency: C1/C2 separation degree > 0.9

Sensitivity: Components (C1-nC8): 1 *10-6

Total hydrocarbons: 1 x 10-6

Measurement Range: Component: 1 x 10-6-1

Total hydrocarbons: 1 x 10-6-1

Working environment: temperature 5 35 and humidity 30% - 90%.

Power supply: 220V + 10% 50 + 1Hz

Power: 500W

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