BF-66 Liquefied Petroleum Gas Density Tester
  • BF-66 Liquefied Petroleum Gas Density Tester
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BF-66 Liquefied Petroleum Gas Density Tester


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BF-66 Liquefied Petroleum Gas Density Tester

I. Overview

BF-66 liquefied petroleum gas density tester is designed and manufactured according to industry standard SH/T0221 and ASTM D1657 of American Material Testing Association. It uses pressure densitometer to measure the density or relative density of liquefied petroleum gas and light hydrocarbons. It is used for oil analysis in petrochemical, transportation, national defense and scientific research industries. Essential instruments.

II. Structural characteristics

The instrument is mainly composed of pressure densitometer cylinder, refrigeration system, cycle stirring constant temperature bath and digital display temperature control system.

Refrigeration system is a fully enclosed cascade compressor unit consisting of compressor, condenser, evaporative condenser, throttle capillary and evaporator. It is assembled by mature refrigeration technology of our factory. Its energy consumption is low and its service life is long.

The constant temperature bath is a special square stainless steel trough with glass observation window in front. The effect of constant temperature is achieved by circulating a magnetic circulating pump.

Its digital display temperature control system uses digital temperature control meter to control the temperature of constant temperature bath. Using digital temperature control meter, the set temperature and actual temperature can be visually displayed, and the temperature setting and temperature difference correction can be easily carried out.

Main Technical Parameters

1. Working power supply: 220V 50Hz

2. Constant Temperature Point: 20 C (15 C)

3. Constant Temperature Accuracy: +0.2 C

4. Input power: <1500W

5. Heating power: 600W
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