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JH5 pillar winch


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JH5 pillar winch and small winch have large energy. Although jh5 pillar winch belongs to small power winch in mining winch on motor power, JH5 pillar winch is the best choice in some specific places. Xuzhou Shuangyi Mining Equipment Co., Ltd. provides you with the best quality winch, pillar winch, JH pillar winch and other mining winches, which facilitates transportation. Enthusiastic online customer service, stable after-sales service, to create a comfortable pillar winch for you, the text is as follows:

JH5 Pillar Winch Uses:

JH series of mine winches with pillar return have flameproof performance. They are mainly used for pillar return roof caving under mine, and can also be used for auxiliary traction work such as conveying material and moving chute.

Composition of JH5 pillar winch:

JH series winches are driven by spherical worm gear pairs. They have compact structure and small size. They can all go down the well.

Structural characteristics of JH5 pillar winch:

The winch structure is symmetrically arranged, long strip, sledge-like base, so it moves smoothly and conveniently in the underground; the winch has low gravity center and good rigidity of base, which can not only play the top pillar, but also install anchor, so it is easy to install, stable and safe to operate.

Technical parameters of jh-5 pillar winch:

Model: JH-5

Traction force: 50

Rope speed m/s: 0.17

Rope diameter mm:16

Rope capacity m:80

Electric power kw:7.5

Size mm: 1450*510*515

Machine weight kg:610

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