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JD2.5 dispatching winch


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I. Use of JD-2.5 dispatching winch

Jd-2.5 dispatching winch (JD-40 dispatching winch) and JD-1.6 dispatching winch are divided into explosion-proof and non-explosion-proof. It belongs to JD dispatching winch.

The explosion-proof type is equipped with explosion-proof motor and explosion-proof electrical appliances, which is suitable for mine underground dispatching car only.

Non-explosion-proof type with non-explosion-proof motor and non-explosion-proof electrical appliances is suitable for wake-up dispatching, lifting materials and handling work in mines, metallurgical mines and construction sites.

Main technical parameters of JD-2.5 dispatching winch (jd-40 dispatching winch)

Project JD-2.5 dispatching winch

22.4 KN (2.5A) at 650 m maximum static tension winding rope

Twenty-five thousand cattle at 400 metres of rope winding

25.9 KN at 300 m of rope winding

28.9 KN at 200 m of rope winding

30 KN at 100 m rope winding

Maximum rope speed 1.44-1.634 m/s

Minimum 1.115 m/s

Rope capacity 400 m~650 M

Wire rope diameter 20mm

Motor Model Explosion-proof YBJ40-4

Non explosion proof

Power 40 kW

Rotating speed 1478 rpm/min

Voltage 380/660 V

Outward dimensions (length * width * height) 1900 * 2350 * 1370 (mm)

Winch quality (including click) 2800 kg


Electrical equipment

Magnetic Starter Model QC83-80N

Voltage 360/660 V

Control buttons LA81-3A (explosion-proof), LA10-3H (non-explosion-proof)

3. Structural characteristics and working principle of JD-2.5 dispatching winch (JD-40 dispatching winch)

(1) Structural characteristics of JD-2.5 dispatching winch (JD-40 dispatching winch):

JD-2.5 dispatching winch (JD-40 dispatching winch) is structurally driven by two planetary gears, which are arranged at both ends of the main shaft. The main shaft runs through the drum. The left end is supported on the left bracket and the right end is supported on the right bracket. The motor is fixed on the left bracket by flange type. The transmission system diagram of JD-2.5 dispatching winch is as follows:

Transmission system diagram of JD-2.5 dispatching winch (JD-40 dispatching winch)

(2) The working principle of JD-2.5 dispatching winch (JD-40 dispatching winch):

The motor gear drives a bunch of asteroid gears to rotate on the left pinion rack. Because the inner pinion is fixed, the asteroid gear must rotate around the motor gear besides its rotation, that is to say, it drives the pinion rack to rotate, so that the spindle rotates, and the central wheel fixed on the right end of the spindle also rotates, thus driving a pair of large planet gears on the big gear rack. There are three cases when you rotate.

1. If the left brake brakes the drum and the right brake brakes are released, then the drum is braked. Because the big gear rack is connected with the drum and does not rotate, the big planetary gear does not rotate, only rotates, but also drives the big internal gear to idle. The weight is stopped at a certain position because the drum is still.

2. If the left brake is loosened and the right brake is used to brake the big internal gear, the big planetary gear will rotate in addition to its rotation, thus driving the big gear rack to rotate. Because the drum is connected with the big gear rack and rotated, it can be used for scheduling and traction. This is the working state.

3. If the brake brakes on both left and right sides are loosened, the weight will slide with the help of self-weight, which will drive the drum to reverse, and then the drum will be put down. At this time, the large internal gear rack is also reversed, the large planetary gear is rotating and reversing, and the large internal gear is also rotating.

Tip: In order to adjust the speed of lifting and lowering or stop the lower part, the two brake devices can alternately brake tightly and loosen. This method is also applicable to fine-tuning the position of the object! Attention: Double brakes are strictly prohibited!!
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