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JD4 dispatching winch


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Application scope of JD-4 dispatching winch: The content of gas and dust in the working environment of winch shall not exceed the standard stipulated in "Coal Mine Safety Regulations".

Winches are mainly used for dispatching mine trucks or auxiliary traction in underground coal mines. They can also be used for dispatching and other transportation work on the ground of mines, metallurgical mines or construction sites.

Winches are equipped with flameproof electrical equipment, which can be used in coal dust and gas mines.

The temperature around the winch shall not exceed 40 C, the humidity shall not exceed 95%, and the altitude shall not exceed 1000 meters.

Structural characteristics of JD-4 dispatching winch: winch is structurally driven by two-stage planetary gears, which are arranged at both ends of the main shaft. The main shaft runs through the drum and is supported on the left and right brackets. The motor is fixed on the left bracket by flange type.

Winch is composed of motor, drum device, brake system, base, protective cover and other components.

JD-4 dispatching winch

The working principle of JD-4 dispatching winch: the motor gear of winch will drive a pair of asteroid gears of the left pinion rack to rotate, while the inner pinion is fixed, so the asteroid gear will rotate around the motor gear besides its rotation, that is, it will drive the pinion rack to rotate, so that the spindle rotates, so the central gear fixed at the right end of the spindle will also rotate. It is to drive a large planetary gear on the big gear rack to rotate. There are three situations at this time:

1. If the left and right brake brakes are loosened, the weight will slide with the help of self-weight, driving the drum to reverse, which will be put down. At this time, the big gear rack is also reversed. The big planetary gear rotates both in rotation and rotation, and the big internal gear rotates as well.

2. If the left brake is loosened and the right brake is used to brake the big internal gear, the big planetary gear will rotate besides its rotation, thus driving the big gear frame to rotate. Because the drum is connected with the big gear frame and rotates, it can be used for scheduling traction. This is the working state.

3. If the left brake brakes the drum and the right brake brakes are released, then the drum is braked, the big gear rack is connected with the drum and does not rotate, and the big planetary gear does not rotate, only rotates, but also drives the big internal gear to rotate idly, and the heavy objects are kept in a certain position because the drum is stationary, which is the stop state.

In order to adjust the speed of lifting and lowering or stop, the two brakes can be braked and loosened alternately.

Technical parameters of JD-4 dispatching winch:

Product Model JD-4

Maximum static tension of wire rope/kn:40

Average rope speed/m/s: 1.22

Wire rope diameter/mm:22

Rope capacity/m:650

Drum size/mm:580*600

Power kw:55

Shape size (length * width * height) mm: 2580 * 1965 * 142

Winch weight (including motor) kg:3650
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