2FZ18-35 Hydraulic Blowout Preventer
  • 2FZ18-35 Hydraulic Blowout Preventer
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2FZ18-35 Hydraulic Blowout Preventer


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2FZ18-35 Hydraulic Blowout Preventer


The 2FZ18-35 hydraulic blowout preventer has successfully solved the problem of blowout prevention by sealing a blowout preventer against an empty well or annulus. The utility model has the advantages of good sealing, strong reliability, reasonable structure, remote control with hydraulic control cabinet, safety and rapidity, and strong field practicability.
The main parts of the product are forged by alloy steel, and after special heat treatment, the strength is high. The surface of the product is nickel-phosphorus plated, which has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, oil resistance, acid and alkali resistance.
Operating parameters and dimensions
Semi-sealed working pressure MPa
Full Seal Working Pressure MPa
Path mm
One hundred and eighty
Installation space: long x width x high mm
Diameter mm of bolt hole in upper and lower flange connection
Phi 33
Side Door Seal Ring Specification: O-type Seal Ring
Phi 180x5.3
Screw Seal Ring Specification: O-ring
Phi 60x5.3
Gate size mm
219x100 X150
Sealant Core Dimension mm
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